Yes, the drag-crazy folks over at CarWow in the United Kingdom have filmed another intriguing race, this time starring a pair of full-size German limousines: the BMW M760Li xDrive and Mercedes-AMG S63.

And, despite the fact that one of these two contenders finds itself at a bit of an advantage, the battle is actually rather a close one.

Despite the fact that it uses a hefty turbocharged 6,6-litre V12, the M760Li’s outputs are actually a little less impressive than those of the S63’s turbocharged 4,0-litre V8. Yes, while the Munich-based brand’s 12-cylinder sedan makes 448 kW and 800 N.m, this angry version of Stuttgart’s Sonderklasse is worth 450 kW and 900 N.m.

Thing is, the BMW benefits from all-wheel drive, while the S63 used in the drag race video above is rear-wheel drive (as sold in markets such as the UK and, indeed, South Africa).

Watch the video above to see how the battle unfolds (after the drag race, the two German giants compete in a race from a rolling start and then a braking test)…