While South Africans continue to wait to find out whether the Hyundai i30 N (or even the basic third-generation i30) is destined for local shores, hot hatch fans in Australia can already sign on the dotted line for the Korean performance model. So, naturally, the folks over at CarAdvice decided to put it up against the Volkswagen Golf GTI in a drag race.

Worth 202 kW and 353 N.m (in Performance Package guise), the i30 N is currently offered exclusively in manual guise (although an eight-speed dual-clutch is reportedly on the way), but nevertheless features a launch control system. The claimed 0-100 km/h time? Some 6,1 seconds.

And the Golf GTI used in the footage above? Well, while the video doesn’t specify exactly which model CarAdvice has brought to the drag strip, closer inspection reveals that it is badged “GTI Original”, a basic three-door model available Down Under in both manual and DSG form.

We’re guessing the publication chose a stick-shift for the race. Still, the GTI Original is at a major disadvantage on paper, with its peak power figure of 169 kW down on that of the Hyundai (torque, however, isn’t much different at 350 N.m).

Watch the video above to see how the i30 N fared against the Golf GTI in a best-of-three drag battle (unfortunately, no performance stats are included at the end of the clip, although CarAdvice has since added the quartermile figures in the YouTube video's comments section)…