We're all subjected to the whims and vagaries of less enlightened road-users on a daily basis, but there are times when people's reactions to inconsiderate behaviour on our roads boils over and the ugly spectre of road rage rears its head. This footage, captured during rush-hour in Brazil, shows what initially looks like a minor altercation between a motorist and a motorcycle rider suddenly turning very sour, and then downright dangerous.

The driver of the car appeared to have nosed into the motorcyclist's lane without taking heed of the chap on two wheels occupying the patch of tarmac they were after. Following a brief, heated exchange, the motorcyclist kicks out at the car's headlamp prompting the driver to see red and knock the chap off his steed. His attempt to reprimand the driver, rather than resulting in an expletive or two and sullen retreat, sees the driver accelerate wildly across two lanes with the motorcyclist adorning the car's bonnet like a leather jacket-clad hood ornament before ploughing into a row or parked cars.

It's remarkable that no-one was hurt during this escapade. It goes to show that if you're stuck in traffic and someone flips the bird/cuts in front/generally acts like a bit of a plum, rather just let it lie...

(source: www.2oceansvibe.co.za)