We suppose the lesson learned from this video is that we unfortunately live in a country where you need to remain vigilant at all times. That said, the surveillance footage from this local Caltex fuel station forecourt also highlights both how vulnerable we are and just how brazen criminals have become.

Watch as these criminals scout the forecourt while posing as happy-go-lucky patrons dancing to music. As the Toyota RunX pulls in two of the men approach the driver presumably asking for money. Once it's been established there are items of value in the car (in this case a cellphone and wallet) the other muggers join in on the act.

It's easy to accuse the petrol attendants of not coming to the driver's aid but you have to assume they both knew the potential dangers of getting involved, and were also mandated with guarding the interests of the fuel station's assets. It does, however, appear someone within the cash office triggered the alarm.

Sad all round.