Given the spate of bushfires currently ravaging parts of southern Australia you'd think that the last thing our friends down under would want to kick off the new year would be another pall of smoke choking out their suburbs. But that didn't deter the musclecar fanatics at this year's Summernats event where they assembled 107 modded tyre-shredders, including a W126 Merc that's been given the full Mad Max treatment, on new years day to best the previous Guinness world record of 67 cars generating tyre smoke for 30 seconds.

Despite four cars conking out they managed to get the official thumbs-up from the folks at Guinness World Records. Even so, we're not sure what's the most remarkable thing about this feat - the number of smartphones held aloft to video something obscured by smoke or the fact that the crowd wasn't dowsed by a water-carrying helicopter?