So you think you can drive well on a gaming console and that automatically makes you quick around a racetrack? Polyphony, creators of the hugely successful Gran Turismo gaming franchise, now bring us this real-time analyser on the upcoming GT6 game.

It is a side-by-side comparison on Willow Springs Raceway created using GPS coordinate data transferred from a 2013 Toyota 86 with the CAN-Gateway ECU to Gran Turismo 6.

The technology utilizes the "CAN-Gateway ECU*", a real time driving data transmission system developed by Toyota and Denso. Information such as position information, vehicle speed, engine speed, accelerator pedal travel, steering angle, brake signals, etc. are logged in the "CAN-Gateway ECU" while driving. This driving data can then be saved onto a USB memory stick, and by connecting this to a Playstation3, the real driving conditions can be recreated virtually within Gran Turismo. It's also possible to compete on the track against your real driving record recreated in game.

If you ask us the graphics and detail in the game are phenomenal.