Watch Audi A1 Sportback driver slam into truck, cause second collision!

This dashcam footage from France shows the driver of an Audi A1 Sportback hit a large truck at speed, before the landing up directly in the path of the camera-equipped vehicle.

The video was captured on the A42 motorway in France. At around the 45-second mark (skip forward to here if you’re short on time), the silver German hatchback meanders out of its lane, slamming into the truck about seven seconds later.

The bonnet is ripped off and the camera-equipped vehicle – which, it turns out, was a Peugeot 5008 – is showered in debris. The A1 bounces off the guardrail and lands right in the path of the Peugeot, resulting in a second smash.

According to the uploader of the footage, nobody was seriously injured in the incident (but both cars were written off). Watch the video above…