This dashcam footage from Australia shows a Toyota Hilux driver pull out of a side road despite a turning truck blocking his view, resulting in a nasty collision with an oncoming Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The clip was filmed near a town called Katherine in the Northern Territory of Australia.

The video shows the Jeep passing a truck that had moved over into a slip lane to turn left. But a white Hilux then suddenly darts into the intersection, straight into the path of the Jeep (which, incidentally, was towing a two-tonne caravan).

The resulting collision sends the Hilux rolling over onto its side. According to the uploader of the video, all parties walked away with “only minor cuts and bruises”.

Watch the footage above, but be warned that it contains some strong language (in addition, we’d suggest you turn drop the volume before the crash since things get a little, well, loud)…