WATCH: Lotus Emira V6 gets dynamic shakedown at Hethel

New footage of the Lotus Emira V6 in action has been released. The clip shows the eagerly anticipated V6 First Edition being put through its paces by Gavan Kershaw on the iconic Hethel test track.

Kershaw, Director of attributes and product Integrity at Lotus Cars, leads the dynamic development of every Lotus and is part of the highly experienced team which engineers in the thrill of driving.

Amid some sideways action, he explains the Emira’s outstanding performance on both the track and the road, adding “With the 3,5-litre V6 configuration and the supercharger, you start an acceleration from as low as 1 500 r/min and the car just pulls and pulls and pulls, getting stronger and stronger as the revs increase. This is what a real sports car feels like.”

Kershaw also expands on the car’s intuitive driving performance, plus the four different driving modes – Tour, for maximum stability and control; Sport, for increased body slip and throttle response; Race, with even greater motorsport-derived dynamics and a revised instrument cluster; and Fully Off, where the stability control is completely disengaged.

He concludes: “The whole package is tuned to give you maximum reward and confidence. It’s ‘For The Drivers’.