If you currently own a Jaguar E-Type, XJ, XJ-S, XK8, XJ6 or XJ12 in South Africa and would like to maintain your car with authenticity, you're in luck. The local arm of the British manufacturer has confirmed that it will be bringing in a catalogue of parts for these classic Jaguars.

The catalogue will include more than 30 000 parts, each manufactured from the original drawings to ensure authenticity. Interestingly, a host of "Jaguar Classic Genuine Parts" were used to prepare the XJ-S V12 race car that competed in the recent Simola Hillclimb.

Everything from body panels (Jaguar says original E-Type panels can be recreated using 3D CAD technology and treated for corrosion resistance using modern techniques) and cosmetic trim to mechanical components for engines and drivelines will be available. In short, then, enough for a minor service right through to a full restoration.

The Jaguar Classic Genuine Parts catalogue will launch in South Africa within the coming weeks and will be available through the Jaguar Land Rover dealer network nationwide.