New Mercedes-AMG C63 to crush old V8 model’s 0-100 km/h time – report

By: CAR magazine

A fresh report out of Australia suggests the new four-cylinder Mercedes-AMG C63 S sedan will be a full seven-tenths quicker to 100 km/h than the outgoing V8 model.

According to sources, earlier reports claiming the upcoming electrified C63 S will sprint from zero to three figures in 3,5 seconds are a little wide of the mark, with the publication suggesting the number will actually be a “supercar-like” 3,3 seconds.

If that turns out to be accurate, the new apex C-Class saloon will be significantly quicker to the mark than the old 375 kW V8 model, which completes the obligatory blast in a claimed 4,0 seconds.

Of course, much of that improvement will likely be down to the fact the C63 S is expected to shift from a rear-wheel-drive configuration to an all-paw arrangement, which should see it to rocket off the line with vastly superior traction.

Still, the new C63 S sedan is expected to be heavier than the outgoing eight-cylinder version (by as much as 250 kg, according to some reports), largely thanks to the adoption of hybrid gubbins such as a rear-sited electric motor and a battery pack.

As a reminder, the new model is widely tipped to feature an electrified four-pot petrol engine, with a report from February 2021 suggesting peak outputs of 410 kW and 800 N.m, generated thanks to the M139 2,0-litre engine (as used in the 310 kW A45 SCLA45 S and GLA45 S) plus a 150 kW electric motor, a mild-hybrid system and an electrically powered turbocharger.

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