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  1. Mercedes Benz GLA looking purposeful

    DRIVEN: Mercedes-Benz GLA220 CDI 4Matic

    Gauteng towards the end of winter resembles a scorched Earth landscape with all of Nature’s ...
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  2. Porsche Panamera Diesel rear

    DRIVEN: Porsche Panamera Diesel

    The German autobahn is simply one of the most disciplined and fastest sections of road ...
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  3. Mercedes-Benz 280E front

    DRIVEN: Mercedes-Benz 280E race car

    This feels illegal. I’m driving a 1982 Mercedes-Benz through traffic, but there is no air ...
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  4. Toyota 86 Limited Edition

    DRIVEN: Toyota 86 Limited Edition

    The trouble, I imagine, that many of the 1 600-odd current South African Toyota 86 ...
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  5. Land Rover Discovery front

    DRIVEN: Land Rover Discovery SDV6 HSE

    The school holidays is important family time and best spent somewhere remote where televisions and ...
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  1. Supercharged Honda CR-Z rear

    Honda CR-Z Supercharger kit – finally

    It’s taken years, but finally Honda is offering some added muscle for its sleek CR-Z. ...
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  2. Ferrari 458M spy image

    Ferrari 458M spied

    A facelifted Ferrari 458 is expected to make its debut sometime next year wearing the ...
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  3. Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge tackles Eau Rouge

    Watch the Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge tackle Eau Rouge [w/video]

    This weekend will see the resumption of the 2014 Formula One World Championship. The first ...
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  4. BMW X5 Security: Will stop an AK-47...

    Armoured BMW X5 Security on the way

    Alleged-gangsters-of-Eastern-European-origin-now-living-in-SA take note… on 27 August BMW are set to debut the armoured version of ...
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  5. Opel Mokka front

    Opel Adam and Mokka headed to SA

    The boutique hatch market is dominated by BMW’s Mini, with the Citroen DS3 and co ...
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  1. Audi A8L 4,2 TDI vs. Mercedes-Benz S500 BE

    Audi A8L 4,2 TDI vs. Mercedes-Benz S500 BE

    A longer, diesel-driven version of Audi’s facelifted A8 … or the V8 petrol version of ...
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  2. Suzuki Swift DZire 1,2 GL vs. Honda Brio Sedan 1,2 Comfort

    Comparative Test: Suzuki Swift DZire 1,2 GL vs. Honda Brio Sedan 1,2 Comfort

    Two budget sedans from Japan square off in a battle for the hearts of the ...
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  3. BMW M5 with Competition Package

    Road Test: BMW M5 (with Competition Package)

    In the world of über super sedans, outputs are everything. BMW fanatics had to be ...
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  4. Audi RS Q3 Quattro S tronic

    Road Test: Audi RS Q3 Quattro S tronic

    Quick and quirky, the Audi RS Q3 thumbs its nose at the conventional, but that’s ...
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  5. Toyota Corolla front view

    Road Test: Toyota Corolla 1,4 D-4D Prestige

    Can Toyota’s small-capacity turbodiesel engine cope with the weight of a Top 12 Best Buys ...
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  1. Understanding Airbags

    Understanding Airbags

    THE first airbag patents were filed back in 1951 and published two years later by ...
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    Dry-clean your engine

    Water and modern electronics do not mix. Is there a safer way to clean ...
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  3. Why your car needs gears

    Why your car needs gears

    The gear count in modern cars continues to rise. We look at why cars need ...
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  4. Electric Powertrains

    Evolution of the Species: Electric Powertrains

    EFFICIENT powertrains are the future. A 2,0-litre engine powering a large, luxury SUV may have ...
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  5. Nissan brings zero-emission mobility to South Africa

    Advertisement: Turning over a new LEAF

    Turning over a new LEAF: Nissan brings zero-emission mobility to South Africa ...
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  1. Motorcycle racing returns to KZN and to live TV

    Motorcycle racing returns to KZN and to live TV

    Race fans on the East Coast can view motorcycle racing in  Durban this coming weekend ...
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  2. Andre Lotterer

    Andre Lotterer to replace Kobayashi in Belgium GP

    The name Andre Lotterer may not be well-known around the world, but the German driver will ...
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  3. Max Verstappen

    Max Verstappen – youngest F1 driver in history

    Most 17-year old boys have a few things on their minds: partying, girls, school, sport; ...
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  4. Leeroy Poulter and Elvene Coetzee kicked up some dust on the way to first overall at the Cullinan Rally.

    Poulter and Coetzee take top honours at Cullinan Rally

    The Castrol Toyota team came away from this weekend’s Imperial Toyota Cullinan Rally in good ...
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  5. Jordan Pepper enjoys the spoils of victory.

    Jordan Pepper crowned 2014 Scirocco R-Cup champion

    For the second year in a row a South African has won Europe’s prestigious Scirocco ...
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  1. Toyota Auris XR HSD Hybrid front

    Toyota Auris XR HSD Hybrid 20 000 km Long-Term test

    CAR associate editor Sudhir Matai spent a year driving a Toyota Auris XR HSD Hybrid. ...
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  2. Jaguar F-Type front

    VIDEO: Jaguar F-Type meets an original E-Type

    CAR’s Ian McLaren and Nicol Louw drive the new F-Type Coupe R and a recently ...
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  3. Subaru WRX STI Track Test

    VIDEO: Subaru WRX STi Track Test

    We test the new Subaru WRX STI at the Killarney Raceway in Cape Town. Watch ...
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  4. BMW M235i drift mob - Behind the scenes.

    BMW M235i driftmob – Behind the scenes

    We caught up with precision and stunt drivers Conrad Grunewald and Rhys Millen as they ...
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  5. Mini Coupé JCW front

    Mini Coupé JCW 20 000 km long-term test

    CAR associate editor Gareth Dean spent a year driving a Mini Coupé JCW. Watch as ...
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