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  1. Hyundai Elantra front

    Driven: Hyundai Elantra 1,6 Premium

    The current generation Hyundai Elantra has already won such accolades as the 2012 North American ...
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  2. 2014 Toyota Yaris

    DRIVEN: Toyota Yaris 1,0

    DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY – Toyota didn’t try hard enough with the third-generation Yaris, and it knows ...
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  3. Alfa Romeo 4C

    DRIVEN: Alfa Romeo 4C

    Kyalami racetrack is a special place. One that I have been fortunate enough to drive ...
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  4. Toyota Etios Cross front three-quarter image

    Driven: Toyota Etios Cross

    Taking a page from the books of Renault and Volkswagen, Toyota has taken its entry-level ...
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  5. Honda Accord's ride is supple but we would love an even softer set-up

    DRIVEN: Honda Accord 2,0 Elegance

    South Africans used to love the humble family saloon. Remember the days when Toyota Camrys ...
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  1. Ferrari 458 front

    Electrically-driven turbocharger for new Ferraris

    We already know that the next generation Ferrari 458 is likely to use a turbocharged ...
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  2. Jaguar XE front image

    New image of Jaguar XE released

    Jaguar has been taunting and teasing the public with snippets of information about its upcoming ...
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  3. Bugatti Veyron front image

    New Bugatti on the cards

    Bugatti has confirmed that a new model is in the works and that it will ...
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  4. BMW 2 Series Driftmob - Official video

    BMW 2 Series Driftmob – Official video

    A few weeks ago a BMW film crew shut down part of the Cape Town ...
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  5. Range Rover Sport SVR rear

    Range Rover Sport SVR ‘Ring time released

    We have known for a few months that Range Rover is testing its most powerful ...
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  1. Toyota Corolla front view

    Road Test: Toyota Corolla 1,4 D-4D Prestige

    Can Toyota’s small-capacity turbodiesel engine cope with the weight of a Top 12 Best Buys ...
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  2. GWM M4 1.5 VVT rear view

    GWM M4 1,5 VVT

    Another newcomer has joined the small crossover fold, but has GWM lost its way? We ...
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  3. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited front view

    Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 3,6L Sahara

    Very few vehicles this year have polarised the CAR team as much as the Jeep ...
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  4. Renault Sandero Dynamique Turbo 66 kW vs. Ford Figo 1,4 Trend vs. Toyota Etios 1,5 Xs vs. Volkswagen Polo Vivo 1,4 Trendline

    Comparative Test: Renault Sandero Dynamique Turbo 66 kW vs. Ford Figo 1,4 Trend vs. Toyota Etios 1,5 Xs vs. Volkswagen Polo Vivo 1,4 Trendline

    Renault doesn’t believe South African consumers are getting the most for their hard-earned money. And ...
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  5. Range Rover Sport SCV6 HSE front view

    Range Rover Sport SCV6 HSE

    With its supercharged V6 powerplant, Range Rover has injected a hint of sensibility, with a ...
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    Dry-clean your engine

    Water and modern electronics do not mix. Is there a safer way to clean ...
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  2. Why your car needs gears

    Why your car needs gears

    The gear count in modern cars continues to rise. We look at why cars need ...
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  3. Electric Powertrains

    Evolution of the Species: Electric Powertrains

    EFFICIENT powertrains are the future. A 2,0-litre engine powering a large, luxury SUV may have ...
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  4. Nissan brings zero-emission mobility to South Africa

    Advertisement: Turning over a new LEAF

    Turning over a new LEAF: Nissan brings zero-emission mobility to South Africa ...
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  5. Mercedes-Benz C111

    Pioneering for progress

    The Mercedes-Benz C111 series of experimental vehicles was produced in the 1960s and ‘70s and ...
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  1. Kyalami racetrack

    Kyalami racetrack sold to Porsche South Africa

    At a very tense auction held earlier today in Gauteng the iconic Kyalami racetrack went ...
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  2. Mark Cronje (left) and Robin Houghton (right) with Stuart Thompson from Thompson Racing

    Ford keeps Volkswagens at bay in latest National Rally

    Defending SA rally champions, Mark Cronje and co-driver Robin Houghton, took control on day two ...
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  3. Kelvin van der Linde

    Kelvin van der Linde racing up the ranks

    18-year old Kelvin van der Linde is quickly making a name for himself after winning ...
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  4. Peugeot's 2008 DKR in action.

    Peugeot’s 2008 DKR in action [w/video]

    French manufacturer Peugeot will make its eagerly anticipated return to the Dakar Rally next year ...
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  5. Red Bull Racing considers dropping their Renault power-unit for 2016

    Red Bull hints at ditching Renault power for 2016

    Red Bull team boss, Christian Horner, came out saying that his team might be forced ...
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  1. BMW M235i drift mob - Behind the scenes.

    BMW M235i drift mob – Behind the scenes

    We caught up with precision and stunt drivers Conrad Grunewald and Rhys Millen as they ...
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  2. Mini Coupé JCW front

    Mini Coupé JCW 20 000 km long-term test

    CAR associate editor Gareth Dean spent a year driving a Mini Coupé JCW. Watch as ...
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  3. Rubber wrap your car – CVP Liquidwraps

    Rubber wrap your car – CVP Liquid Wraps

    CAR’s technical editor Nicol Louw takes a Subaru WRX for a special rubber wrap to ...
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  4. Subaru WRX STI front

    Subaru WRX STI – Old versus New

    CAR’s technical editor Nicol Louw and journalist Wilhelm Lutjeharms compares the new Subaru WRX STI ...
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  5. Le Mans from the air

    Le Mans 2014 – Behind the scenes

    Technical editor Nicol Louw attended this year’s Le Mans endurance race. Watch our short video ...
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