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  1. Opel Corsa front

    DRIVEN: Opel Corsa 1,0 Turbo 5-dr

    FRANKFURT, GERMANY – Having fallen out of serious B-segment contention, especially back home in South ...
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  2. Toyota Hilux front

    DRIVEN: Toyota Hilux 3,0 D-4D double cab 4×4 Legend 45

    We all know that Toyota is working on the eighth generation of Hilux, but it’s keeping ...
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  3. DRIVEN: BMW X6 xDrive50i

    DRIVEN: BMW X6 xDrive50i

    Even if its aesthetic execution is less distinctive and its practical shortcomings have been addressed ...
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  4. Kia Soul EV front

    DRIVEN: Kia Soul EV

    Double score. Not only is this a sneak peek of the next-generation Kia Soul, but ...
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  5. Datsun Go front three-quarter image

    DRIVEN: Datsun Go

    Datsun announced its relaunch over two years ago and its plan to launch in South ...
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  1. BMW X5 M and X6 M front

    BMW X5 M and X6 M revealed

    Following the launch of the new BMW X5 and X6, the company has released the ...
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  2. What Autocar think it will look like

    New Land Rover Defender in 2016

    It’s been mooted, discussed and mulled over, but it finally looks like after 65 years ...
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  3. Mitsubishi Pajero front three-quarter image

    Mitsubishi Pajero upgraded

    The Mitsubishi Pajero has received some upgrades for the 2015 model year. All come powered ...
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  4. Renault Duster Oroch

    Renault Duster Oroch Double Cab debuts [w/video]

    Some time back we brought you images of an undisguised Renault (Dacia) Duster pick-up undergoing ...
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  5. Porsche Pajun

    New mid-size Porsche on the way?

    Rumours have again surfaced of a new mid-sized, four-dour sports coupe from Porsche. Pegged to ...
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  1. Hyundai Grand i10 1,25 Fluid rear view

    ROAD TEST: Hyundai Grand i10 1,25 Fluid

    “THE spiritual successor to the Getz.” That’s the parallel with which Hyundai SA has drawn ...
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  2. Infiniti Q50 2,2d Sport vs. Mercedes-Benz C220 BlueTEC 7G-tronic

    Infiniti Q50 2,2d Sport vs. Mercedes-Benz C220 BlueTEC 7G-tronic

    As one established manufacturer seeks to reaffirm its position so a relative newcomer feels confident ...
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  3. BMW 320i Sports Steptronic vs. Lexus IS350 E vs. Mercedes-Benz C200 7G-tronic

    BMW 320i Sports Steptronic vs. Lexus IS350 E vs. Mercedes-Benz C200 7G-tronic

    We pit the BMW 320i Sports Steptronic, the Lexus IS350 E and the Mercedes-Benz C200 ...
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  4. Zero DS ZF11.4 Bike

    BIKE TEST: Zero DS ZF11.4

    The electric revolution is not confined to four wheels. We test our first 100% electric ...
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  5. Renault Sandero Stepway front view

    ROAD TEST: Renault Sandero Stepway 66 kW Turbo

    Who would’ve thought a budget Renault could embody a victory for bourgeois sensibilities over working-class ...
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  1. Le Mans

    Technical – Energy Games: 24 Hours of Le Mans

    In motorsport, efficiency has become as important as outright speed. We attended the 24 Hours ...
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  2. Tyre Talk

    Tyre Talk – Consumer Feature

    THE writing on the side of your tyre or tyres tells you a lot about ...
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  3. Windscreen repair

    Windscreen Repair – Consumer Feature

    With stones flying in all directions, windscreen damage is an everyday occurrence - sometimes it ...
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  4. Understanding Airbags

    Understanding Airbags

    THE first airbag patents were filed back in 1951 and published two years later by ...
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    Dry-clean your engine

    Water and modern electronics do not mix. Is there a safer way to clean ...
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  1. This would be a very interesting sight.

    The Woes of Formula One

    Since the Jules Bianchi’s horrific crash at a rain affected Japanese Grand Prix, Formula One ...
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  2. Leeroy Poulter and Elvene Coetzee

    Team Toyota pair crowned national rally champions for 2014

    The South African national rally champions for 2014 have been crowned at the penultimate round ...
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  3. Audi Sport TT Cup front

    Audi Sport TT Cup race car launched [w/videos]

    Called the Audi Sport TT Cup, this new series will form part of the DTM ...
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  4. South African Jayde Kruger wins British Formula Ford title

    South African wins British Formula Ford title

    Jayde Kruger from Edenvale has provisionally won the Dunlop MSA British Formula Ford Championship at ...
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  5. Kruger and Scott on the podium earlier this year

    Jayde Kruger poised to win British Formula Ford title

    South African single-seat racer Jayde Kruger will be looking to add his name to the ...
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  1. GWM C20R front

    VIDEO: GWM C20R 20 000 km long-term test

    CAR journalist Kelly Lodewyks  spent a year driving a GWM C20R crossover. Watch as Kelly ...
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  2. Lamborghini Huracán front

    VIDEO: Lamborghini Huracán review

    Does the new Lamborghini Huracán still offer that raw motoring DNA we associate with products ...
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  3. Alfa Romeo 4C front

    VIDEO: Alfa Romeo 4C track test

    It is not often that we have access to carbon-fibre tub/monocoque cars. The only other ...
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  4. Peugeot 508 front

    VIDEO: Peugeot 508 1,6 THP Allure AT 20 000 km long-term test

    CAR road test engineer Peter Palm spent a year driving a Peugeot 508 1,6 THP ...
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  5. McLaren 650S profile

    VIDEO: McLaren 650S track test

    The McLaren 650S is our new track index record holder. Watch as ex-racer and track ...
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