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  1. Fiat 500X front

    DRIVEN: Fiat 500X 1,4 MultiAir

    Fiat is known, or rather, famous for its small cars, this legacy kicking off with ...
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  2. GWM Steed 6 front

    DRIVEN: GWM Steed 6 and Steed 5E

    The introduction of the latest-generation GWM Steed to the local bakkie market is important for ...
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  3. Kia Soul front

    DRIVEN: Kia Soul 1,6D SMART

    The second iteration of the Soul, Kia’s quirky little urban runabout, promises to build on ...
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  4. The GTS models boasts 20 kW more than the Carrera S.

    DRIVEN: Porsche 911 GTS

    Apparently Los Angeles is plagued by traffic jams. Not that we’d know, hurtling through the ...
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  5. Smart ForTwo front

    DRIVEN: Smart Fortwo 66 kW

    The rebirth of the Smart brand has begun. After the original Fortwo captured the attention ...
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  1. BMW 3-Series plug-in hybrid front

    BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid set for launch in 2016

    2015 will be a fundamental year for BMW, as it seeks to implement their advanced ...
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  2. Audi A7 front

    Audi Q7 spotted – ready for 2015

    These latest spy pictures of Audi’s upcoming, new, Q7 have surfaced on the Internet. Most ...
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  3. Mercedes-Benz GLE

    Mercedes-Benz to launch AMG Sport models at Detroit

    It is no secret that Mercedes-AMG is doing rather well in terms of sale in ...
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  4. 2015 Ford Ranger front

    2015 Ford Ranger – first pictures and video

    Ford has released the following picture and video of the facelifted, 2015 Ford Ranger. The ...
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  5. Toyota Fortuner Epic front

    RELEASED: Toyota Fortuner Epic

    When it comes to its off-road vehicles, Toyota knows a thing or two about releasing ...
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  1. Kia Rio 1.4 TEC, Peugeot 208 1.2 VTi Active, Renault Clio 66 kW Turbo Dynamique, Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI Comfortline

    Comparative Test: Kia Rio 1,4 TEC vs. Peugeot 208 1,2 VTi Active vs. Renault Clio 66 kW Turbo Dynamique vs. Volkswagen Polo 1,2 TSI Comfortline

    Volkswagen’s recently refreshed Polo faces some stylish and well-specced opposition in a potential ...
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  2. Renault Mégane GT 220 front view

    Renault Mégane GT 220

    Between the dressed-up GT Line models and speed-focused RS, this new contender makes all the ...
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  3. Honda Ballade 1,5 Elegance front view

    Road Test: Honda Ballade 1,5 Elegance

    A study in conventionality and convenience; in addition to offering space and quality, it appeals ...
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  4. Hyundai Grand i10 1,25 Fluid rear view

    ROAD TEST: Hyundai Grand i10 1,25 Fluid

    “THE spiritual successor to the Getz.” That’s the parallel with which Hyundai SA has drawn ...
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  5. Infiniti Q50 2,2d Sport vs. Mercedes-Benz C220 BlueTEC 7G-tronic

    Infiniti Q50 2,2d Sport vs. Mercedes-Benz C220 BlueTEC 7G-tronic

    As one established manufacturer seeks to reaffirm its position so a relative newcomer feels confident ...
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  1. Suzuki Swift Sport front r

    Long-term update (2) – Suzuki Swift Sport

    Time sure flies when you’re having fun. Never has this been truer than over the ...
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  2. Volvo XC60

    Long-term update (2) – Volvo XC60 T5

    This month, we had opportunity to drive the Volvo XC60 T5 R-Design. As many of ...
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  3. Renault Mégane front

    Long-term introduction: Renault Mégane GT-Line Turbo 97 kW

    Can Renault’s new 1,2-litre turbopetrol breathe some new life into a perennial CAR favourite? There ...
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  4. Hilux Stories #Where2Next

    Toyota Hilux Stories: Reliable Adventurer

    This is the final installation of our three-part Hilux Stories series. Click to read about ...
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  5. The long-term VW Golf 1,4 TSI Comfortline DSG on Bain's Kloof Pass

    Long-term update (1): Volkswagen Golf 1,4 TSI Comfortline DSG

    The Volkswagen Golf and I hit our first rough patch after three months of blissful motoring. I ...
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  1. CVP Liquidwraps

    Dip your car in rubber with Liquidwraps – Consumer Feature

    Transform the look of your car in a day with a wrap … and when ...
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  2. Le Mans

    Technical – Energy Games: 24 Hours of Le Mans

    In motorsport, efficiency has become as important as outright speed. We attended the 24 Hours ...
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  3. Tyre Talk

    Tyre Talk – Consumer Feature

    THE writing on the side of your tyre or tyres tells you a lot about ...
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  4. Windscreen repair

    Windscreen Repair – Consumer Feature

    With stones flying in all directions, windscreen damage is an everyday occurrence - sometimes it ...
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  5. Understanding Airbags

    Understanding Airbags

    THE first airbag patents were filed back in 1951 and published two years later by ...
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  1. Nico Rosberg

    The Loss of Nico Rosberg

    With all of the hype surrounding Lewis Hamilton turned down only a teeny-weeny bit, it ...
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  2. After only seven months in his post as Ferrari team principal, Marco Mattiaci has been replaced

    Ferrari Formula One team announces new team principal

    After only seven months at the helm of Formula One’s glamour team, Marco Mattiacci has ...
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  3. Lewis Hamilton leads the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

    Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Lewis wins title number 2

    In the end, the right man won. Lewis Hamilton was crowned 2014 World Champion by ...
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  4. Hans Weijs and Bjorn Degandt took top honours in the final round of the NRC in Bela-Bela

    National Rally ends on a high

    The Volkswagen Sasolracing team claimed victory in the last round of the 2014 National Rally ...
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  5. This would be a very interesting sight.

    The Woes of Formula One

    Since the Jules Bianchi’s horrific crash at a rain affected Japanese Grand Prix, Formula One ...
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  1. Lamborghini Huracàn front

    VIDEO: Lamborghini Huracán track test

    It is not often that one has access to a new Lamborghini to test. Years ...
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  2. Renault Duster 1,5 DCI 4WD front

    VIDEO: Renault Duster 1,5 DCI 4WD 20 000 km test

    CAR’s technical editor Nicol Louw spent a year driving a Renault Duster 1,5 DCI 4WD. ...
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  3. GWM C20R front

    VIDEO: GWM C20R 20 000 km long-term test

    CAR journalist Kelly Lodewyks  spent a year driving a GWM C20R crossover. Watch as Kelly ...
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  4. Lamborghini Huracán front

    VIDEO: Lamborghini Huracán review

    Does the new Lamborghini Huracán still offer that raw motoring DNA we associate with products ...
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  5. Alfa Romeo 4C front

    VIDEO: Alfa Romeo 4C track test

    It is not often that we have access to carbon-fibre tub/monocoque cars. The only other ...
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